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04 Mar 2010

16:11 openpanel-cli Bug #509 (Closed): show output on a lower level
When you want to do a show on an object, you first have to go into that level, before is shows any data:

13 Jun 2008

10:29 OpenPanel Bug #399 (New): Maildrop doesn't support userdb
The maildrop package packaged with EL5 doesn't support user lookups using userdb
rpm -q -a gives maildrop-2.0.4-1

14 Jun 2007

11:22 openpanel-mod-postfixcourier Feature #152 (New): Catch-all flag on mail accounts
I'm missing to feature to flag a mail account (or alias) with a "catch-all" flag, like:
create address joe@example...

23 Apr 2007

18:48 openpanel-cli Bug #138 (Closed): Prompt garbled after long output
the opencli prompts get garbled if i do something like this:
create domain $domain
configure domain $domain

20 Feb 2007

15:00 openpanel-cli Bug #109 (Closed): opencli context level report
When in opencli you get an indication of what context you are in, this indication can be the same for different conte...
14:54 openpanel-cli Bug #108 (Closed): Cisco like syntax
the look and feel is cisco like, but not cisco compatible, which gives me some troubles with using opencli.
cisco ...
14:39 openpanel-cli Bug #107 (Closed): delete is by uuid, not by common name
If you want to delete an emailalias, you have to specify the uuid, and not the destination email address as expected....

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