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APS (Application Packaging Standard) support

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Currently, there is no easy one-click means of installing a web application such as Joomla. To do so, the user must be competent enough to create a database, configure it and copy the files by FTP.

APS is a standard implemented by many expensive server management systems such as Plesk, however, very few free/open-source systems (I am only aware of SysCP).

OpenPanel is designed to be an easy to use system accessible to beginners, but usable by experts, and APS helps fulfill that goal by allowing users to get their own webapp online with little fuss. And as APS is a standard which is quite open (and supported by other vendors), OpenPanel developers wont need to maintain the packages, only APS packaging support.

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Another packaging method: http://installatron.com/

Updated by Dane Glerum over 4 years ago

Just a few thoughts from my reading on this topic.

Installatron charge a minimum of $75 per month for API access.

No details on what APS Standard are charging, but I assume it is similar. I could be wrong.

Given these costs tying into these services might not be the best option for OpenPanel.

Perhaps a 'self maintained' software repository is a better approach. OP Admins could ad packages to a software library. These packages would then be available for deployment on domains. This allows admins to offer a curated list of apps.

Most of the large apps have their own installation wizard, which we can send users to once the basics are done. Assuming the domain has already been created OP would simply need to;

  1. Grab the latest zip/tar (either locally or remotely)
  2. Uncompress it in the specified directory
  3. create a database and user
  4. Send user to the installation wizard homepage

OP can already do step 3. Although having this integrated in the process would be fantastic.

There would also need to be the ability for admins to add items to the library. In it's most simplistic form this could consist of a simple form with the following fields;
  1. Software title
  2. Software description
  3. Software package (the actual zip/tgz could be uploaded to OP/the server.)
  4. Completion URL (the url that users are sent to to complete the installation)

If we wanted to be more sophisticated we could have an actual deploy script that can be added by the admin.

It would also make sense for OP to store a record of what apps are stored on what domains, although this isn't necessarily required.

Updated by Dane Glerum over 4 years ago

Potentially duplicates Issue 771

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